An abundance of Katherines and Mollys and Eds

Sometimes, all it takes is an abundance of Katherines and Mollys and Eds to turn a drizzly October weekend into something so enjoyable you hardly notice when the best franchise in the whole NFL plays one of its worst football games in recent memory.


But, even the growing cacophony of one annoying but well-deserved chant echoing around section 117, throughout the stadium and into the world around “J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! Jets” could not wipe the smile off my face.

Our weekend plans unfolded quickly and I could hardly believe our good luck. First, Ed found out his work would be bringing him to Lambeau for the Jets game. Then, we all knew Katherine had to come too, but it was almost impossible to nail down a flight from LA to Wisconsin on such short notice. So, Ed found Katherine a flight from LA through Denver to Minneapolis and Molly offered to drive her from Minneapolis to Wisconsin and VOILA! a weekend with both of our girls appeared out of nowhere.

Such a delightful surprise!

We had a little cabin time, some tailgate fun with our regulars, cheesecurds, booyah, double bubble, a movie night and lots of good catch ups.

They’re heading back today but I think I might be the most grateful Packer fan in the country right now because, once again, that team gave us the opportunity to have a little family fun.

Go Pack Go!

I loved hanging out with my girls this weekend.
And I’m not the only one. We all had a great weekend!
The girls got to hang with their grandma too.
Katherine and her godmother the other Kathryn ended up on the Jumbotron!
We’re all really grateful for the days we get to hang out together at Lambeau.
I still can’t believe how quickly the plans came together to bring these two to Wisconsin for the weekend.
It wasn’t fun to see our favorite team play such an ugly game.
But the Fifth Quarter was really fun and I love hanging out with my girls.
My sister Kathy took this picture and I love it! Old friends running into each other is another reason to be grateful for Packer games.

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