A whole new world

I moved to a foreign country yesterday and I don’t speak the language.

But, I’m learning. I’m taking deep cleansing breaths and learning.

A lifetime Android user who politely shrugged off her children’s pleas to move to Apple-town for the past 21 years , I finally, secretly acquiesced.

I thought they would all be thrilled when I hearted a photo yesterday morning. You can’t heart photos on an Android. You have to text your actual verbal love. That gets old, even for us romantics.

But, what really got old was my phone and especially my camera. 

The former had trouble holding a charge and the latter could not focus properly.

And, man, that camera on the iPhone 14 Pro looks sexy. You can zoom wide and telephoto! The Phototonic Engine! (I have no idea what a phototonic engine actually is but I know it involves algorithms that will help me shoot in lowlight.) I can also shoot in RAW. I’m just generally excited about all of the camera options.

So, I just did it.

I bought myself an iPhone. It arrived yesterday.

The transition has not been without its bumps.

I had to resurrect an Apple ID I had not used in years and that took some finagling. 

I had to download all new apps and then log into them. (I was particularly concerned about my Packer app because I needed to access my tickets for Sunday’s game).

I had to buy a charging box. (This is a rude move, Apple. How do you sell me an expensive phone and then send me just the charging cable but not the box? Samsung would never cheap me out that way.)

I had to go through the humiliation of setting up my facial recognition (Wait! Wait! That’s early morning Laura! We can do better, iPhone. I know we can!)

I’m going to have to figure out how to use my favorite headphones. I didn’t realize iPhones had no headphone port and airpods just look uncomfortable (and ridiculously expensive) to me. I’m looking into a jack adapter.

Still, I’m feeling pretty confident in this strange new land. I’m looking forward to taking a nice touristy stroll.

Look out, Apple-town! Mama’s got a brand new phone.

This is the first picture I took with my new phone. Cute, right?
Here’s the last picture I took with my poor, old Samsung Galaxy s8. She was good to me and it took two laptops and a new iPhone to replace her. (And I still relied on her through the whole transition. What a phone!)
The fourth picture I took with my new camera turned out to be a video. (We live. We learn.) So, please enjoy this screen shot of three adorable kids walking to school. I’m going to take my phone for a walk today and figure a few things out.

4 thoughts on “A whole new world

  1. Once you figure it out, you’ll, love it. Gail and I switched when I started as equipment manager for football, and I couldn’t do text with the coaches because the android limits how many you can have on a text.
    So now you can have more friends, because you can text with them???

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