Carpe Tree-em

The thing about fall in Wisconsin is that winter keeps trying to sneak in the back door and belly up to our beautiful table.

We don’t want to be rude, yous guys, but winter will be here real quick, ya know? Maybe you could cool your heels on the wind and the frost for a sec.

We only get these gorgeous colors for a blink, so the other thing about fall in Wisconsin is that everyone gets out to enjoy it.

We did yesterday.

We enjoyed a nice, slow walk to school that turned into a full on sprint when we dallied too long petting dogs and admiring the neighborhood decor. 

I walked to work, and to the mailbox, and down a beautiful path and over a bridge just so I could enjoy as much of the fall color season as I could yesterday.

We haven’t hit peak yet, but we’re going to have to elbow winter back out the door if we’re going to get there this year. I’m a little worried that last night’s bluster knocked a lot of the leaves off the trees.

I took pictures yesterday and a few on a long walk Sunday because Uff Da! ya never know how long all that golden color is going to hang around.

With that carpe tree-um attitude in mind, please enjoy another round of the 2022 Color Season here in Wisconsin.

I’d love to see your photos too!

Here’s a beautiful baby enjoying some morning sun.
I love how Mother Nature shaded this gorgeous red tree perfectly. When you’re the first to turn, you have to stand up straight and enjoy the fanfare.
But, when you’re a little older, you can bend a little too and still be very beautiful.
There’s a little white pelican there in the middle of all that fall color.
I love old streets where the trees can still form a canopy.
The sun hit this tree just right yesterday as I was strolling along.
A glorious number of leaves both on the ground and still in this giant tree formed the perfect backdrop for this ghost.
Not peak yet, but still really pretty. Here’s hoping they hang in there until the weekend!

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