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My sister Kathy already knew it was going to be a great day at Lambeau when she dropped her sunglasses on the escalator heading to her seats and a team of strangers rallied to send them back to her.

“I’ve got them!” yelled a woman and held them up for her to see. Then that woman handed them to her husband and he handed them to a young girl and that girl handed them up until eventually they ended up right back on Kathy’s grateful head.

The people who sat directly in front of us didn’t arrive until the midway through the first quarter, disappeared for a chunk of time in the second quarter and left at halftime, which meant we could stretch our legs for most of the game. Glorious.

Our friend Sandy texted us that she saw someone in her section wearing a Ron Kostelnik jersey, which was pretty cool.

An interesting woman passed by us a couple of times as she moved in and out of our row, and eventually I asked her about her face makeup and festive attire. It turns out she is an indigenous Alaskan, a Packer fan and an advocate for missing and endangered indigenous women. We Packer fans really are diverse and global group.

My mom held up one of the giveaway towels, saw the number 22 on it and immediately thought of her friends, Ruth and Elijah Pitts. Elijah had worn 22 during his playing days with the Packers. He and my dad were rookies together and all four became lifelong friends.

“I’m going to send this to Ruth,” my mom said. My sister pointed out that the 22 had an apostrophe and actually stood for 2022, but, for my mom, they honored Elijah…and so they did.

Three members of the All Veteran Group parachuted into Lambeau field for the halftime entertainment, which was amazing.

Our friends Mark and Amanda carried the flag in for the National Anthem.

We tailgated with a good chunk of family members.

We go to Lambeau to watch football games and I do that loudly and intently. I genuinely enjoy watching the action on the field.

But, sometimes, when your defense has spent way too much time on the field and your offense is struggling to find its rhythm, it’s nice to remember that there are all sorts of ways to enjoy game day at Lambeau.

Go Pack Go!

It’s always fun when we can enjoy the game with family members.
We also loved our foot rests for most of the game.
Kathy got her sunglasses back.
My mom honored her friend.
I met a cool Alaskan Packer fan. The red on her facepaint represents missing and endangered indigenous women and her cape is an Alaskan flag.
Mark and Amanda helped carry in the flag. Singer songwriter Breland did a very nice job on the National Anthem and I love when the stadium sings along.
Three members of the All Veteran Group parachuted into Lambeau at halftime.
Swirling winds and occasional gusts made the drop into Lambeau even more exciting.

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