Never too old, too wacky, too wild

Though it had been there all along, we discovered the most amazing Little Free Library just a few weeks ago on the first day of school.

How cool is that?

My young friend even selected a book as carefully as time allowed, and opened it right up and began to read as we walked to school. Such a great way to kick off the school year!

What we especially love about this particular free lending library is that it includes separate houses for kids books and grownup books, and a dedication to someone’s beloved grandma, and seasonal decor, and a helpful container of dog (cover your ears, grandma!) poop bags. 

We noticed (because at least one of us is a very careful observer) that appreciative book borrowers were leaving little gifts like painted rocks and flowers. So, the next day, the most artistic member of our little group left a beaded bracelet on the library owner’s front porch.

Another day, we left some Your Are Beautiful stickers near the painted rocks. 

(One day one of us discovered a dead squirrel in the road near the cute little libraries but none of the rest of us wanted to look and the next day it was gone. So, we’re also very thankful to the brave person who took care of that unfortunate situation and may that poor little squirrel rest in peace.)

We’ll return the book we borrowed just as soon as we’ve finished it. (It’s a pretty challenging chapter book and we’re working our way through it.) We’re also thinking about adding a few of our favorites to the collection.

Meanwhile, we’d like to say thank you for sprucing up the neighborhood with your cool little literary oasis.

You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild. To pick up a book and read to a child.

We took a good, close look at these Little Free Libraries on our walk to the very first day of school.
One of us found an interesting book and jumped right in. Such an auspicious start to the first day of school!
On later visits we noticed the painted rocks and little gifts people were leaving.
So we added a little something from us.
Another day, we stopped by and added a little trinket for the library hosts.
This little hand-maid bracelet we hope they enjoy.
A thoughtful little display (and friendly reminder).
We salute you, Verla K! You clearly raised a family that celebrates books and the neighbors who enjoy reading them.

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  1. I love little free
    Libraries❤️😊☘️🙏. And I love this idea of separate books for children and adults❤️

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