The pied piper of joy

If we’ve learned anything these past few years, it’s to seize as much joy out of our days as we can.

And nobody carpes their diem more than our nephew Mr. Traveain Finley.

This weekend, we got to help him celebrate his 35th birthday, which turned out to be a great big kettle boiling over with joy, because DJ Tra knows how to host a party.

He held court in his backyard and received his guests like an emperor, accepting greetings, wishes, hugs and presents with regal charm. His sister Tracy and her husband Sebastian came all the way from Atlanta to surprise him, which might have been the best gift of all.

Grandma Thelma, who still fishes regularly at the age of 93 (and looks so young I think maybe we all should take up fishing), kept a careful eye on the festivities. Her daughter (Traveian’s mother) Shara, an excellent cook, made enough ribs to feed the whole county and, by the end of the night, it seemed like the whole county had shown up to help Traveain celebrate his big day.

The man has spent each of the 12,775 days leading up to his bash wrapped in a cocoon of love from all of his parents, grandmas, siblings, nieces and nephews, godparents, cousins, friends and the waiter at his favorite Wednesday night crab restaurant. And, for each of those days, he also has been generous in sending that love right back out.

So, here’s to Traveain, the music man, lover of nice shoes, rich desserts, big parties, Starbucks runs, family, surprise visits, Serena Williams, chocolate, chair yoga, short road trips and life!

May this year be your happiest yet.

Traveain spent his 35th birthday the same way he has spent his entire life, surrounded with love. These are his two sisters, Tracy, who came from Georgia to suprise him, Trenette, her husband Jimmy and Fred.
I thought Kathy’s cool shirt said it all.
Keith and Granny Thelma, who is still an avid fisherwoman at 93-years old. She really is amazing. (So is he).
It got a little chilly out there, but the smiles stayed bright.
Shara cooked a huge pile of delicious ribs and recorded the birthday song.
Traveian’s godfather Gary led us all in singing Happy Birthday.
Traveain and his beautiful cake.
It was delicious too.
Molly and Grandma Peggy, who doesn’t fish but also doesn’t age.
Vince and Shara.
Traveain’s brother Terrell and his daughter Kendall.

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