Their bond runs deep and true

One Green Bay Hall of Famer helped another Hall of Famer out into the stadium bowl Sunday night and showed us all what it means to be a member of the Packer organization.

Both the association and the responsibility last a lifetime. So does the love.

That’s why, when Dave Robinson noticed his teammate Jerry Kramer struggling to get to his feet during the halftime introduction of Packer alumni, he leaned down and offered his strong right arm. Jerry accepted and, arm in arm, the two made their way out to a standing ovation.

Josh Sitton, the pro bowl guard from the Packers’ Super Bowl XLV team, provided right-side assistance, which proves that the eternal bond of that particular fraternity transcends generations.

I’ve written before about how sincerely the Packers honor their alumni and how proud those players are to return to the stadium that raised them. 

Sunday night, representatives from seven decades of Packer glory made their way out onto a field that hasn’t moved in all those years. Imagine the stories that ground and the athlete it supports could tell!

Lambeau Field roots run deep and true and it’s so affirming to know that the bond among its players does too.

I took this picture of Jerry Kramer, Dave Robinson and Josh Sitton making their way onto the field Sunday night to a standing ovation.
Here’s a better shot from Packer writer Bob Fox.
Another good one from Bob, who is writing a book with Jerry Kramer. It’s nice to see such a display of mutual respect among retired players.
My sister Kathy took this picture of my mom and her friend Dave Robinson Sunday night. He’s an admirable representative of the NFL’s greatest franchise.
Here’s an oldie but goody of Molly and Mr. Robinson.

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