On storms and the rainbows that follow

The storms that converged on Wisconsin had been brewing all day. Weird cloud formations stretched ominously across a sky that sagged with hot, sticky moisture.

So, no one was surprised when the alarms on our cellphones started pinging urgent warnings of impending weather. Then, the win whipped up and we all watched trees bending low outside and , inside, hyped-up meteorologists gesturing wildly in front of multi-colored screens.

“Do you think we should take your signs in?” my husband asked.

While I had taked down the hanging plant and he had tipped the porch furniture down and we had scrambled effectively for flashlights and candles, we had not brought in my small collection of yard signs.

I ran outside, but it was already too late to save my “You Are Loved” sign, which had been ripped off its metal posts. I grabbed the other two, and started looking under bushes and around the yard for the missing sign.

At this point tornado sirens sounded their alert pretty persuasively and I started thinking a cardboard sign might not be worth dramatic death or injury.

I’m Wisconsin crazy enough to be out in a storm retrieving my yard signs, but I’m not so nuts that I will Miss Gulch my way through a neighborhood with a twister bearing down.

I came back in the house and figured I’d never see that yard sign again.

Ah, but I live in the world’s greatest neighborhood and, about 10 minutes later, my cellphone buzzed with a message that read “We have your ‘You Are Loved” sign. It’s safe in our garage.”

How great is that?

Sharon and Jerry also retrieved a lost “You Are Beautiful” sign of mine a few years ago. They make a good backstop when things go flying out of my yard and they make even better neighbors.

I hope everyone who sustained storm damage yesterday is up and running today and that no one was seriously injured during all those tornadoes and strong storms.

And, especially this month, I am happy to remind you that rainbows follow every storm and that You are Beautiful and You are Loved.

I took this picture last week, after I added the “You are Loved” sign to my collection.
My metal You are Beautiful sign sustained some storm damage, but at least it stayed put. (Of course my Pray for Ukraine sign is stronger than anyone anticipated and held fast throughout the whole storm).
Meanwhile, my You are Loved sign flew off its post and might have been lost forever were it not for the excellent sign catching skills of my neighbor Sharon. She is also an impressive gardener.
My little trio is back where they belong.

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