A Wordle to the WISER

WHELP, it TURNS out I’m not perfect.

For a glorious 31-day stretch, I was though.


At LEAST according to Wordle.

My hubris got me, and that’s not even a five-letter word. It should be, though. Kind of like COCKY.

I’d strolled onto the Wordle SCENE like a SASSY tourist. I’d only intended to VISIT, JUDGE a little, and then SCRAM. But, I got STUCK THERE, LURED by the easy ego BOOST and the QUICK FINIS.

Most MORNS I’d grab my PHONE and complete the puzzle before I’d even RISEN from bed. It was a GREAT way to START the day. I hardly ever SPOKE ABOUT my streak, though, because I didn’t want to BREAK the SPELL.

THOSE words came easily to me, at FIRST. I almost never even had to take a FIFTH CRACK at them.

Once, I had to SWEAT out a SIXTH GUESS, and it SHOOK me up a PINCH, but I got it RIGHT so I could RELAX.

Then, my HUBBY BEGAN to play, and our HOUSE got a TEENY bit competitive (AGAIN).

EARLY Monday morning, I AWOKE and grabbed my PHONE. By my second GUESS, I had four letters in PLACE. Easy PEASY. I thought I KNEW it, ADDED a letter and got READY to LEAVE the room.


“All RIGHT,” I said. “THERE are STILL THREE more SHOTS.”

How ABOUT this one?


BLEEP! What the?

I gave my head a SMACK. Why didn’t I THINK of that one FIRST. Of course!


WRONG AGAIN! I STILL didn’t PANIC. I had one more GUESS and I CHOSE it APACE.

SADLY, that one was WRONG too.

What a SHAME.

I GUESS I’m only HUMAN after all.


My Wordle streak left me a little COCKY. Now I PAUSE before every GUESS.
My sister KATHY had an effective strategy I have not employed for the puzzle that knocked me off my streak. Speaking of streaks, my daughter in-law Tara has not lost SINCE she BEGAN playing the game 85 days ago!
I wasn’t sure what art I was GOING to use for this blog, so I created this four-letter Wordle COURT that effectively TELLS the Wordle WORLD my WORRY. I THINK I MIGHT be hooked.

4 thoughts on “A Wordle to the WISER

  1. Congrats on 31! Very impressive. I was on a 29 winning streak – COCKY too – especially because I play the more challenging way. I assumed I’d keep sailing through, well beyond 30. And then – it SADLY ENDED. Although, in my defense, I feel asleep after two guesses, following a long day. I AWOKE in the recliner just after midnight – still in mid-play on my third guess. But it was too late. My streak was ended. I refuse to give up on the rare loss though – you can find the daily puzzles in the wordle archives. It is still a nice little dopamine rush when I GUESS it in six or SEVEN by playing the archives. Sometimes my husband and I race to see who can GUESS it the quickest. When I win that way – oh the SWEETness of it all 🙂

    1. I play the more challenging way too but only because it never occurred to me to not leave the green letters in place. 😂 Here’s hoping we both enjoy a nice long win streak!

  2. Thanks for all the helpful hints for upcoming Wordle. I also was on a winning streak and I think it was FOUND that was an unlucky loss. I hate it when it could be one of several words on my 6th trial! Almost quit…..I think I am hooked as well😂

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