April Fools, Wisconsin!

I honestly thought yesterday was April Fool’s Day. I spent much of the morning thinking about whether the weather was Wisconsin’s idea of a practical joke.

Other members of my household called it a different holiday.

“It’s Christmas again!” the four-year old shouted when he came downstairs and saw all the snow.

Then, we had a lengthy discussion about how hard it would be on the elves to have to work year-round and how Mrs. Claus probably wouldn’t be too happy about old Mr. Claus having to pack up his gear and head out again.

Of course, transcending all of this whimsy, was our annoyance that we still had to battle snow, ice and wind in a season other parts of the country get to call spring.

“Come on, Wisconsin! Get your act together,” said the seven-year old.

I’m with him. You’re better than this, Wisconsin. I know you are because I’m your biggest fan.

I thought we had a deal. Sure, you could send a little snow our way to liven up that boring late March/early April stretch of the calendar. But it had to melt by noon.

Wasn’t that the plan?

I had to shovel yesterday! That’s not cool! And, while I was heaving snow off the sidewalk, I think I heard two robins grumbling as they poked their poor little beaks out of the pile of slush covering their nests. “That’s it! We’re leaving and we’re not coming back!”

I was thinking their plan sounded good until I spotted our sleds winking at us from the garage.

“Anyone want to go sledding?” I asked.

I had one taker and we had a blast on the hill across the street from our house. We even called home for a curbside delivery of fresh gloves when our hands got cold.

I guess the best you can do when Wisconsin winters wear out their welcome is yank on your snow boots and jump in.

I was not pleased to have to shovel the walks yesterday and I thought Wisconsin was playing an April Fool’s Day joke on me until I realized it was March 31. (Why does March have 31 days anyway? It’s really the most frustrating month. I think we should yank that last day from March and give it to June. Who’s with me?)
Here’s my spring break foot picture.
We had a great time on the sled hill across the street from my house, although I couldn’t help glancing over at the pool every now and then and wondering when we’re ever going to dip our toes in that water.
You’re maddening, Wisconsin, but I still love you.

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