The Wealthy Child

“I want to be rich!” the small boy said

as he wished upon a star

And the wise moon whispered back,

“You already are.”

“I wish to be rich!” the small boy said

to the dandelion seed.

And the wind it rode on answered,

“You have everything you need.”

“I want to be real rich,” the boy said

as he pocketed a penny.

“Look around,” his teacher said

“Your gifts are real and many.”

“I hope I grow up rich,” he said

when he pulled the dry wishbone.

“See them now,” his grandpa said

“Your gifts are yours alone.”

“Please make me rich,” the boy repeated

when he bent his head in prayer.

God said, “You’re rich in love, my son,

That’s infinitely rarer.”

“You’re braver than you think you are

and smarter than you know.

You’re wealthy now, my own sweet child,

Your talents made you so.”

I love this picture of Molly wishing on a dandelion seed.
I don’t have a good picture of a star in the sky, so here’s a picture of my mom and Cherry Starr, who is also a wish-grantor through Rawhide Youth Services and a Wisconsin treasure. You can make a wish on a Cherry Starr. I bet it will come true.
I have an inexplicable number of wishbone pictures on this blog featuring my son Vinnie. Here he is with an apparently skeptical Molly…
And with a not-too-pleased Katherine…
…and with a very young and eventually triumphant Molly.
Here’s Charlie and an even younger Molly in a wishbone standoff. We value our wishes in this family, and each other. We are rich in love (and greasy wishbones.)

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