The groundhog up and died, he up and died

It seems about right that Milltown Mel up and died two days before he had to stick his nose out of his den and let the world know how long winter would last.

Who wants to be the bearer of more bad news this year?

We already have a virus lasting so much longer than we ever thought possible. And, another Packerless Super Bowl. And the deaths of Danny Tanner, Meat Loaf, Mr. Tibbs and the voice of Charlie Brown.

Come on 2022! You’re better than this! 

Chandra (the Moon) rules the number 2; it symbolizes wealth, splendor and spiritual knowledge. You, 2022, are all about those twos. You’ve got three of them!

How about sending a little wealth, splendor and spiritual knowledge our way?

Short of that, we’ll take a little sun.

This is the time to turn things around. What better month to do it than one that celebrates love, chocolate and random acts of kindness?

So, here’s what you’re going to do, 2022. You’re going to take a moment to think about what you’ve done (snow in Florida?). You’re going to give yourself a little Stuart Smalley pep talk because you’re good enough, you’re smart enough and gosh darn it, people really want to like you!

We’re not asking for a lot, just the opportunity to give our sore noses a rest from all that swabbing…and maybe a couple of stressfree weekends. Loosen up those bottlenecks for our poor retailers and maybe lower gas prices a smidge. All of this is well within your skillset, 2022. You just have to want to do it.

Don’t you want to be the kind of year that sends groundhogs prancing out to meet their fans? The kind people reminisce about for generations? A “why back in 2022 we used to..” kind of year?

You can do it, 2022. I know you can.

Now, get out there and make this the best year yet!

And start by bringing us a nice, early spring.


Poor Mel’s ticker just couldn’t take the pressure of being 2022’s harbinger.
I didn’t include any family pictures in our 2022 Groundhog Day card because 2021 was not my favorite year.
But I still have high hopes for 2022!

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