This blog’s for the hog

Pure procrastination drove us to embrace the Groundhog nearly a decade ago and now we celebrate the little rodent with ridiculous devotion.
We send out Groundhog cards every year (a tradition begun one year when the Christmas season whizzed by and we realized we had not sent a single card).
We serve a traditional feast on February 2, which always includes brats (Groundhog — it’s gross but it amuses us).
Maybe you’ve heard of Punxsutawney Phil, the world famous groundhog/meteorologist? Well, I’ve actually driven through that town and stopped in the famous townsquare. In the interest of journalistic integrity, though, I must report that both Phil and the town with an unwieldy name in which he resides must have excellent publicists. On any day except February 2 in Punxsutawney, there’s absolutely nothing to see. Really.
More than 15,000 people come to Punxsutawney on February 2, though, and Phil has his own website, Facebook page and Twitter account.
As celebrations go in this house, we take all comers. Fat Tuesday? Laissez les bons temps rouler. St. Patrick’s Day? Sure and begorra, we’ll hoist a pint and whip up a shepherd’s pie (because corn beef and cabbage is not our favorite).
We had a bad experience one year with St. Blaise when we all got our throats blessed and almost everyone immediately came down with the flu, so we skipped that particular tradition this year. But we’re all geared up for St. Cyril,  patron saint of the dry-witted, party loving Vince Biskupic senior. Grandpa Vince, who was neither German nor Irish, liked to celebrate St. Cyril because it fell in between St. Patrick’s Day and St. Joseph’s.
Winters can get long here in the Midwest (although, according to Wildlife Sanctuary Betty, the not-so-famous Northeastern Wisconsin groundhog, not too much longer).
Our best advice is to pick an obscure holiday or two and embrace them. And, if you can’t think of one join us right here on March 14. Pie Day. 

We amused ourselves by adding
our ages to the card this year.
In 2009 we buried Vinnie like a groundhog.
Charlie went off to St. Olaf in this 2006 card.
The groundhog joined us last night for a taste of summer. We had
grilled brats, red potato salad and a crispy green salad.

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