Welcome to Titletown

Well, hello there 49ers fans and welcome to Titletown!

You’ll find we do things a little bit differently here.

Take those nice metal bench seats in our stadium. Now, I know you’re thinking about that scene in A Christmas Story and wondering if the same thing that happened to Flick’s tongue on a double-dog dare could happen to your hindquarters if you linger a little too long in your seat, but you’ll be fine. I think.

Maybe you’ve heard talk about our weather here, but did you know our local station’s weather desk is actually made of it? Wisconsin weather, I mean? That’s right, our meterologists deliver their winter forecasts outside from a desk made entirely of ice.

Speaking of ice, we’re currently flush with it. Look up, it’s dangling from rooftops, seasonal stalactites that look cool and even kind of tasty when the sun hits them a certain way. Oh sure, they seem like they could spear a slow moving pedestrian, but that hardly ever happens. And don’t worry about all that ice you see on the ground either. That stuff isn’t even all that slippery. It’s the black ice you have to worry about, the kind you don’t even realize is there until your feet hit a patch of it and send you skidding, like a banana peel, into the sky.

I know you’re here to watch a football game (and the greatest team to ever play it), but there’s so much more to enjoy! You could watch the sun rise over one of our frozen lakes and cheer on the ice fishermen gathered there. Or take in one of our lovely water falls like Wequiock Falls or Fonferek’s Glen. You don’t even need to adjust your camera’s shutter speed to get a great shot of those, because they’re all frozen in time and in fact.

You could rent an ice bike and pedal all over the Stadium District, or take a stroll through the Packer Pro Shop and enjoy the Hall of Fame.

Maybe that wind chill has you concerned, and you’re worried you might not be able to cheer as loudly as you’d like through all those layers of wool you have wrapped around you face.

But, don’t worry. You really only have to say three words when you come to Lambeau Field:

Go Pack Go!

That’s Pete Petoniak delivering the Wisconsin weather from a desk made entirely of…Wisconsin weather. I’d say it’s not as cold as it looks, but you can see the temperature right there. It’s cold!
Yes, the waves are frozen on our lakes here, but that just makes them easier to photograph.
There’s something really beautiful about all that snow and ice, am I right?
And, speaking of ice, don’t let those stalactites intimidate you.
It’s really a lovely time of year to visit us.
There’s nothing like a nice Wisconsin sunrise over a frozen road.
And, there’s really nothing like Lambeau Field at night. We’ll see you there!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Titletown

  1. Laura…this post made me laugh out loud…I just LOVED it…yes we are a hearty people and of course GO PACK GO!

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