December’s secret

Here’s December’s secret: there’s magic in the air.

And each sleeting windstorm carries it somewhere.

It dusts the ground below your feet to lighten up your step

and turns your boots to dancing shoes, your schlep to pirouette.

The season can be tricky when folks carry such a load

and all their Christmas wishes can’t be brightly wrapped and bowed.

But kindness rolls like snowballs, and people do their part

to share their own sweet blessings and the pieces of their heart.

If you look a little closer at both the sunshine and the snow

you’ll find December’s secret almost everywhere you go.

The first snowfall of the year always seems like magic.
And reflects the season’s beauty.
I like this picture because those ice chunks look like clouds and perspective is everything.
This tiny branch holding up this chunk of snow seemed like a good symbol for the season.
My friend Katie Kringle left this gift hanging from my doorknob in time for St. Nick’s. Note the really cute Bug with presents on top.
Another friend Susie Claus dropped these adorable ornaments off. I can’t tell you how nice it is to live in a neighborhood where people just leave cool things hanging from your door knob and I am really grateful to live here.
The holiday season can be a winding trail, full of tinsel and tension, discomfort and joy. I hope December’s magic soothes you through the icy patches and sends the snowball of kindness rolling your way.

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