A festive night at Lambeau

Lambeau Field looks regal in any season, but particularly during this holiday season.

Last night, as the Packers beat the Bears 45-30, that 64-year old stadium lit up like a Christmas tree and thrilled with the collective voice of 77,000 Packer fans (and some honestly jovial Bear fans too).

It looked and felt like a holiday.

I ran into several Santas moseying through the crowds and, while it surprised me that he would have any frolic time this close to his big night, it did not surprise me at all that he would choose Lambeau for his off-night hang.

Former NFL commissioner and recent NFL Hall of Fame inductee Paul Tagliabue chose Lambeau Field for his big night too. He could have hosted his ring of excellence ceremony in any NFL stadium, and he chose ours. It was cool to see retired Hall of Fame President and Executive Director David Baker back on the 50-yard line at halftime to hand over another golden ring.

Green Bay’s stadium is a special place and I treated myself to a quick walk around her perimeter to take a few pictures. I loved seeing the old girl all dressed up and hosting another exciting game.

Lambeau looks good in any season, but particularly during the holiday season.
Her whole perimeter glows with holiday lights and general good cheer.
And have you been to the Titletown District? So gorgeous!
I’m going to head back when I have time to take a spin on that rink.
That stadium view from the Titletown District is really quite stunning.
I’d like to think Coach Lombardi and Coach Lambeau would approve of how their stadium glows in December.
It’s worth a stroll even when it isn’t game day just to see that stadium in all its glory.
I don’t know this woman, but I loved her unique Packer apparel and she was game to pose for me. (Her muff was cool but some of the others we saw last night confounded us.)
You just have to believe, man.

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  1. Of course I watched the game last night and figured you were there. The TV cameras did a lot of crowd shots and it did indeed look festive. Looks like Aaron is on cruise control!

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