Beautiful horses and the golden hour

We spent an impossibly beautiful November afternoon at Salm’s Hickory Hill Farm, where one of us took a horseback riding lesson and the other scurried around like a madwoman muttering to herself about golden hours, sunsets and the light.

I’m not sure there’s anything more beautiful than the golden hour of an autumn day, even if it does come too soon following Daylight Savings Time. When horses dance under that sky, well, you have to reach for your camera, don’t you?

I didn’t have mine with me, but I did have my phone and a whole bunch of obliging models so I felt like I was unwrapping a celestial gift each time I clicked.

I don’t know much about how to raise or ride horses, I just know they make my heart stop a little whenever I see them in a field. I admire their strength and grace, of course, but I also appreciate their candor and sensitivity to the humans around them.

So, I had a delightful time dashing among corrals cheering riders, greeting horses, introducing myself and preserving the whole grand spectacle on my phone and in my mind to pull out on a grayer day.

I’ll let the photos tell the tale.

This picture literally foreshadows the golden hour I spent.
Hello, there, beautiful!
Some equine bonding on a gorgeous fall day.
…and then that light! and these horses! (who aren’t shy at all about posing for the paparazzi.)
Like I said, I don’t know much about horses but I think this beauty was stomping her foot because she was irritated that I didn’t bring treats.
And then there was this horse, and that light.
Like John Denver, I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky and I love the way the fire lit this beautiful horse.
They’re a little miffed that I came without treats too, but we all enjoyed our time in Monday’s waning hours.
It was a beautiful day to ride too.

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