A Bis-KUBB-pic champion

I lost every game I played this weekend.

But, I still feel like a champion because, as I may have mentioned a time or two, MY WHOLE FAMILY IS HOME to play them with me.

The competitions started on a makeshift Kubb court across the street from my house. I’d never heard of this game, but apparently the National Kubb Championships are played in Eau Claire, which inspired my son Charlie to have a Kubb set dropped off at our house.

I can tell you, the National Championships were not played there. However, we did have a great time tossing batons at wooden kubbs and trash talking our opponents. We rotated teams and mine lost every time, except when I left for a grocery run, which apparently swung the momentum back to our side. They kindly texted me pictures of our trophy ceremony…and a request for various items from the store.

Later, we headed over to the bi-annual ping pong tournament my feisty 82-year old mother hosts. She sets up the draw and, not coincidentally, she also usually wins. This year, she and her partner and grandson Vinnie lost in the semi-finals to my sister Kathy and my husband Vince. Grandma Peggy went down graciously, but not before she set the tone for the tournament by pointing at my sister and shouting, “We take no prisoners!” and then firing a serve at her. (My partner and son Charlie and I bowed out early. He made himself useful by arranging chairs and electric fans for maximum cooling effect, while I lounged courtside, alternately cheering and heckling.)

Congratulations to my nephew Michael and my daughter in-law Danni on their title.

Spike ball turned out not to be my game either…yet. I kept lobbing shots to my opponents, but you know what? The week is young and, even though I am not, I feel like redemption is right around the corner.

Normally, I’m a pretty competitive game player but, right now, I’m just happy to share the court.

Let’s go!

Grandma Peggy hosts the tournament and sets up the draw. She usually wins the darn thing too. This year, her daughter Kathy and my husband Vince edged her out in a hard-fought semi-finals.
The eventual champs proved to be a formidable team.
I don’t like to brag but my partner also held up the tourney draw for the awards ceremony. We may not win, but we’re very helpful.
I think these two also get the style award.
We had fun playing Kubb, a Viking chess game that also reminded me of lawn darts.
These girls won the first round. Yes, that’s Danni again (along with Molly, Katherine and Tara).
This was my team. We won…after I left.
I was pretty terrible at my first round of spike ball, but my niece Erin, Vinnie, Katherine and my sister Jenny played like champs.
I am a champion post-game celebrator, though and I’m practicing for all the rest.

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