A Boomer’s birthday

My sister Jenny turns 50 tomorrow and she is jumping into that decade with a head full of glee.

Those first five decades have been full of accomplishments, and she has big plans for the next. I’m excited to tag along.

We’ve called her Boomer since she was a spunky little sprite who made my dad laugh when he tried to discipline her. She’s still spunky so she’s still Boomer and, I’m sure, she always will be.

I’ve never met anyone who loved having “Happy Birthday” sung to her as much as my sister so it’s really fun to celebrate her. We did that Sunday afternoon at the cabin, which meant a tasty cake for her and another full table for me.

Yay for both of us.

Delighted by the challenge of baking a cake with fewer carbs and less sugar, Molly whipped up a dark chocolate coconut masterpiece. We got to enjoy the party on the front porch of a cabin we all love and that made the whole party even more special.

Following the meal, we treated ourselves to a float down the river, which is the perfect way to rest a full belly, if you ask me.

I’m going to let the pictures tell the rest of the story because I am currently hanging out with a photographer and he’s capturing our time in this little slice of heaven beautifully.

Thank you Ed for your beautiful pictures and stellar fire building prowess.

I took this dirty lens shot of another nice, full table as we gathered for my sister Jenny’s birthday party. But, at least you also get a glimpse of Ed, seated on the left side of the table next to my sister Kathy. He’s behind the lens for most of the rest of these shots.
I also took this one of our baking queen and her amazing, low sugar cake. It was incredible. She can explain the science of using coconut flour, rather than wheat. I can just tell you it was delicious.
Boomer is charging into this next decade of her life with a head full of glee and a plateful of shish kabob.
Ed took all the rest of these gorgeous pictures. Here are Jenny and my mom enjoying the festivities.
She loves it when people sing to her.
Here’s a better shot of that cake.
Then we hit the river, with just one cloud in the sky.
The baker got to cool off.
And so did I. (That tube is almost as old as I am. Thankfully, we’re both still floating along.)
That river has been carrying this family for 40 years.
There’s no better way to cool off on a hot summer day.
Especially when it feels like your group has the whole river to itself.
At one point, Charlie decided he could be a Sundrop pitchman.
“This summer enjoy every last Sundrop.” Sounds like a good theme for a brand new decade too.
Happy birthday Boomer!

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