Ode to the school Chromebook

Dear little chromebook, so shiny and lean

You’re also a victim of COVID-19.

You had it much simpler way back in the day

When you ruled the classroom and kept kids at bay.

Now you’ve been scattered to bedrooms and floors

Stuffed into closets and shoved under doors.

They slam you in anger and throw you through rooms,

Threaten your dignity when you host the Zooms.

You’re missing your charger, your keyboard has crumbs

Your shift key is sticky from chocolaty thumbs.

Still you stand sentry on your firewall

Blocking, securing and filtering it all.

Your cursor may spin, your users get stressed

But much like rest of us, you’re doing your best.

Thanks for deflecting the tempers that flare,

discretion when needed and cool savoir faire.

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