We’ll be there for you

Those front porch pictures looked both refreshingly familiar and startling new yesterday as students from our area posed on their first day of school.

Some of them masked up and headed into schools, others turned around and headed right back into their houses for their first day.

I salute them all and their teachers, staff, parents and parents-who-will-be-teachers.

Go get ‘em!

I hope this year brings all kinds of cool experiences and learning opportunities and I hope you all can make your way through the gauntlet of 2020 with confidence and joy.

Four years ago I wrote a thank you note to our school district for the thorough education it provided our family. It’s a little heartbreaking to read that tribute now because a good chunk of my four kids’ experiences remain unavailable to students right now. But, I know this school district and I know these parents and I think we’re going to see some amazing innovation and extraordinary efforts to provide these students with the experiences they crave.

I also know that, whether they are working from a public, parochial, charter, virtual, hybrid, or home school, these teachers are going to lean into the curve ball they’ve all been thrown.

I’d like to deliver some fresh, first-day-of-school cookies to all of you.

Instead, I’ll just say this:

We know you’re facing challenges you never imagined. We appreciate you and all of the adaptations you’ve made to accommodate your students. We’d like to help in any way we can. You have more support than you know.

No matter the schoolroom, heroes work there, from the tiniest peanut with the fattest crayons, to the mom who is gamely home schooling for the first time in her life, to the singing and dancing English teacher.

And speaking of that English teacher, here is Appleton East’s Paul Miller with a first day of school gem:

I don’t have any first day of school pictures of my own to share this year, but my friends were generous enough to share theirs.

I loved this first day of school picture of the Hyatt family because it captured exactly what the first day of school 2020 looked like for a lot of families. Brendan and Patrick are standing in bare feet because they headed right back into the house for their virtual sixth and third grade classes, and Megan is all geared up for her in person 4K class. Good luck to all three of them!
How cozy does my young friend Brooklyn look for her first day of school? I love her set up with her comfy stuffed animal and all those sharpened No 2 pencils. Go get ’em, Brook!
Seven-year old Reid all masked up and ready for second grade. He wants to be a spy when he grows up, so that mask will come in handy.
Five-year old Ty is headed to Kindergarten.
This is Ty without his mask. He’s so cute!
Four-year old Tinsley wants to be a mama when she grows up.
Her mama, Crysta, is teaching virtually this year. Good luck to all of them!!
You know I love Brendon’s first day of school gear and his smile. He’s among a bunch of people starting their first day of school right in their own bedrooms. GoBrendonGo!
The award for the most comfortable looking virtual classroom goes to my friend Justin, who is starting high school virtually. I am also digging his first day of school gear.

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      1. I need to message you, about the Ages I’d Love Painting- I too have one from 1918. I don’t know how Blog works, please email me

  1. Pioneers, that is what they are. The techares and the students. Nobody ever started a school year this way.
    I pray for their success and sincerely hope we return to normalcy soon.

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