Sediment and rings

I wonder how our rivers will record this volatile year. What stories will they tell in the sediment they leave behind?

Does the 2020 moon wax in sympathy, or wane in dismay?

Will the stressed roots of this year’s trees grow deeper, will their acorns offer hope?

Do the tides of 2020 hurry out and then hesitate a moment or two in the tranquility of that deep ocean, before trudging back to us?

As we look to a universal sky, will we up our game under the keen assessment of all those stars?

Are we rising to the challenge of our one true life?

I ask because it’s been a rough year.

And a tree trunk’s rings never lie.

I spent a perfect day in the company of my favorite river and it got me thinking about nature as an unbiased recorder of man.
So, I wondered, if we also thought about rivers and trees as uncorruptible historians, would we try a little harder to be better humans?
Because, we can edit posts, and filter photos, but the way we behave on this earth leaves an impression that lasts long after we are gone.
Maybe, if we take a second to watch a breeze whisper through a tree branch, we can also take a moment to make sure we’re living the way we intend.
So, at the end of the day, we can all rest in peace.

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