The light in me sees and honors the light in you

Sometimes I think the whole world should take an outdoor yoga class like I did last night.

Imagine if the light in each of us saw and honored the light in everyone else. What a crazy, beautiful empathetic world that would be.

As always, I set gratitude as my intention last night as I practiced yoga with Sunny Side Up Yoga instructor Lisa Kramer. Primarily, I was grateful to have a full hour to spend by myself with an excellent instructor on a gorgeous summer evening. It had been 10 months since I had practiced yoga outside and I could not believe how good the fresh air smelled.

But, I was deeply thankful for other things as well.

I was happy to confirm that it is still possible to take breaths in community while maintaining an effective social distance because I believe we all uplift and support each other when breathe together and I really missed that when I tried to practice yoga alone in my family room.

I appreciated the perfect summer evening and the gentle breeze it sent through the trees overhead. Very few people appreciate good weather as much as we long-suffering Wisconsinites and last night was about as perfect as it gets around here.

I loved the cheerful summer cacophony of chirping birds and laughing children that underscored the class.

I knew I had timed my evening exactly right so I could enjoy my class while my husband and daughter cooked dinner. As I had hoped, I came home to a delicious meal. I don’t expect this every time I go to an evening yoga class. But, it sure was nice last night.

I sent my creaky old body a message of gratitude too, because it moved through those poses pretty well given my haphazard practice in the past few months.

Maybe you don’t love yoga as much as I do. Maybe you have other forms of relaxation and challenge.

But, I still encourage you to try an outdoor yoga class at least once in your life. Breathe in the support an exhale all the day’s worries.


This was the view from the back of my mat last night as I enjoyed my first outdoor yoga class in a very long time.
And this was the view from my mat every time I looked up. Ahhhh. Summer in Wisconsin is a deep cleansing breath.
Man, I was happy to be there.

3 thoughts on “The light in me sees and honors the light in you

  1. Laura,
    I am so happy you came to our outdoor yoga practice last evening. You captured the feel of the outdoor yoga experience so eloquently. I am thankful to have you as a part of my new adventures with Sunny Side Up. ☀️I look forward to more warm breezy evenings on the mat with you!


    PS I hope I can get my husband to have dinner ready when I get back one of the nights! 😉

  2. So wonderful, Laura. We have moved now into hot, stifling, humid, mosquitoey, southern summer. I will look forward to outdoor yoga in about four months. Great photo! Yoga definitely makes you glow!

    1. Thank you!I was so excited to be back! Sorry about the mosquitoes. Those pesky little varmints are a scourge to summer evenings up here too.

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