100 Valentines

I have a hundred Valentines.

I’m sure you do as well.

They pump me up on tricky days

and make my old heart swell.

I call them partner, child and friend

and sometimes stranger too.

My Valentines are anyone

who brightens my world view.

I’d send them all a Hallmark card

or fancy chocolate heart

but I think a sincere thank you

is the perfect place to start.

I appreciate the kindness

of an unexpected smile

and I’m happy for the friendship,

(though it may have been a while.)

I’m so grateful for the patience

and the helpful attaboys,

I’m a fan of belly laughter 

and reciprocating joys.

Today’s a favorite holiday

I hope you think so too

A time for celebrating love,

for me to honor you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you beautiful people!
And Happy Valentine’s Day to this crew in particular, seven of my favorites.
The boys and I made some delicious Valentines of our own last night. I think I’ve written about Valentine’s Day for eight straight years but how can you not love a holiday that celebrates chocolate and love?

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