Happy Valentine’s Day, with love

Happy Valentine’s Day, with love

My dad used to swing by Wilmar’s Chocolates every Valentine’s Day to pick up a large heart for my mom and four smaller ones for my sisters, my brother and me. Some of us wolfed down those candies the day we received them, others savored each piece slowly, stretching that sweet little box out for [...]

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re old and lazy

I've been married since the Feds sentenced Fat Tony Salerno to 100 years in prison for racketeering. (That's 1987 for the non mafia-philes among you.) The point is, I've been married a looooong time. Through all those years I've developed some insights into the married couple brain and I'm happy to share a few on [...]

A sweet, sweet holiday

Cupid, with his chubby cheeks and cherub-who-ate-the-bon-bonsmile, would have approved of the way Molly and I celebrated Valentine's Day this year. Molly set the tone by whipping up a batch of cherry pie  cookies for her friends and generously offering Vince and me the misshapen but still tasty leftovers. Breakfast. I picked her up from [...]