Come together right now, over me

We sat near our regular seats at Lambeau Field and marveled as Sir Paul McCartney turned that giant stadium into the Cavern Club in Liverpool, circa 1961.

At times it felt like we were all sitting around a table having a pint as he told amiable stories about his friends Jimmy, Georgie and John.

Then, he fired up one of his many instruments — piano, guitar, mandolin, ukelele, keyboard — and blasted us back to 2019 with songs from his brand new album, Egyptian Station.

The whole evening was as remarkable as the icon who orchestrated it.

Paul McCartney isn’t just a 76-year old former Beatle out on a nostalgia tour. He is a timeless wonder, a gifted song writer and a musician who is still creating.

He recently wrote Who Cares to combat bullying and we believed him when he sang “Who cares about the pain in your heart? Who cares about you? I do.”

Just as he did six years ago when we saw him play at Miller Park, Paul McCartney played for three hours straight, with nothing but a little banter and a few sips of water to alter the steady flow of exceptional music.

He honored his friends, his great loves, his family and his fans as he rolled through a 32-song set and then a five-song encore.

Often, the audience sang along and, as cellphone flashlights lit the night, we all understood how music unites us all.

Come together right now over me, indeed!

Thank you Sir Paul for an evening we’ll never forget and a lyrical legacy of love that grows on.

My mom, my sister Kathy and I saw Paul McCartney at Miller Park in 2013 and again Saturday night at Lambeau. (This time we let Vince tag along.)
We sat with our friends Hsing Yi and Jorge and had a spectacular time.
We didn’t have to sit close to appreciate the impressively intimate feel of the concert.
The ageless and gifted Paul McCartney made us all feel like we were sitting with him in a Liverpool club.
The flashlights swayed at Lambeau and we all sang along.
Live and Let Die was a pyrotechnic marvel.

Here’s a little taste of how the lovefest sounded when the Lambeau crowd chimed in with Paul McCartney.

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