Pool days, Pool days, dear old golden rule days

The Erb Park Pool opens today and I can’t wait.

I bought our pool passes months ago, on one of those sleety Midwest afternoons that makes you wonder if summer planned to skip us this year.

She took her good, sweet time but summer finally made it and it was fun to watch her unpack all her goodies — lilacs, thick green grass and swimming pools.

My pool bag has been packed and ready to go for weeks. Swim suit. Check! Giant beach towel. Check! Baseball hat. Check! Sunscreen. Check! Expiration date on sunscreen. Double check!

We’re all looking forward to the finite luxury of strolling across the street and jumping in. I think there’s no more pleasant way to end a sticky summer day than with a quick dip in the pool.

I’m going to give those slides a whirl again too, though that slick green one was not always my friend.

I love that pool even when I’m not in it because it sends the happy sounds of childhood bouncing around our neighborhood.

So, here’s to you tiny babies that get to dip your toes in the water for the very first time! And you admirable lap swimmers who will be up and at it before the sun rises! And you super cool teen-agers who think you’re too old for public swimming pools but also can’t wait to jump in! And you Erb Park Pool staff!

Get ready because here we come!

We almost lost her, but she came back better than ever.
I took these pictures last night when we strolled over to make sure the pools were ready for their big day. It all looked so peaceful and beautiful…kind of made me want to scale the fence and yell CANNON BALL!!! Fortunately cooler heads prevailed.

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