Irish blessings

Yesterday I hung out for a little while with an Irish blessing.

At 92-years old, she jigs a little slower than she did when she was knee-deep in children and baking cookies for the neighborhood. But, her words fly as fast and witty as they did when she was the 16-year old Maypole Queen of St. Mary’s Academy in Prairie du Chien.

The former Connie Murphy loves Saint Patrick’s Day, when she wears head to toe shamrocks and receives visitors like a Gaelic queen.

“Come in, honey. Sit down. Would you like some cashews? Chocolate? Movie popcorn? A small glass of wine?”

We chatted a little and laughed a lot and I thought about how Irish people can be just like their proverbs — sweet, clever, sassy and strong.

That, even more than the thick sweaters, dark beer, annual corned beef and friendly brogue, is the real gift of the Irish people.

They rise above life’s challenges and encourage laughter and love.

Here, then, is one last Irish blessing for 2019 in honor of our own neighborhood leprechaun.

May your cashew cup never run dry and laughter continue to twinkle your eye.

May your visitors be plenty, your troubles be few and your mind always open to a lesson or two.

May your needles be half as sharp as your mind and your wit remain funny and naughty and kind.

May your joy be contagious, your faith from above and your life full of family and friendship and love.

4 thoughts on “Irish blessings

    1. Frank McCourt spoke here in Appleton once and I loved it. Top of the Monday morning to you Susie!

  1. Connie, knit my children their Christmas stockings, such joy we have hanging them every year. She is one of a kind and a sweetie!

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