When seasons collide

Winter met spring this week, and we all held our breaths hoping for a swipe right or at least a long pleasant stint in the friend zone.

We’re not disloyal to the season at hand, we just think it feels good every now and then to still feel our faces when we stick them toward the sun. We think we’d like this “spring” thing we hear people talking about if we could just get to know her a little better. We’d like her to stick around.

Seasonal transitions seem quite lovely in other parts of the country. They lack all that all that bluster, waterworks and drama familiar to us. Midwestern seasons tend to be very territorial and the nastiest ones always stay the longest.

At first, this particular convergence started kind of sweet and slow.

Wednesday night we took what we anticipate will be the last run of the season down the sled hill across the street. We plowed through knee-deep snow to get to the top of the hill (winter) skidded merrily down and landed in a puddle (spring).

Yesterday, I left my jacket at home and enjoyed a lovely walk through town where I spotted several signs of a Wisconsin spring — strollers, shorts, and road work signs.

It would have been nice to see that dance last a good long while.

But, signs of trouble swept in quickly as spring rains and winter snow melt clogged gutters and flooded roads. All around Wisconsin sump pumps chugged in unison “Can’t you two get along?”

Alas, it’s never easy when seasons collide here in Wisconsin, but it does make for some pretty pictures.

I just love this picture of Lake Winnebago on a springy winter day.
I caught this sunset on some melting snow at Erb Park during my evening constitutional.
Same walk, same park, different angle. We had a bit of snow this year.
The warm weather turned the ice rink into a small lake…
…so we turned out sled into a boat and paddle a little while. Winter meets spring.
I just thought the trees looked pretty cool reflected in the melting snow in front of this park bench.
The weather only has to inch above freezing in this state and everyone gets out their shorts. Yesterday afternoon was relatively toasty, though, so I didn’t blame him.
Ice melt and a high river made some cool lines in this picture.

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  1. What a fun post! I loved the contradictions you cited and I especially enjoyed seeing the beautiful reflections in your photographs. Thanks for starting my morning off in such a lovely way😀

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