Heroes of the Polar Parfait

I saw a blind man walking briskly through an ice storm yesterday and it reaffirmed everything I know is true.

There are some amazing human beings in this world and you only have to look up to see them.

The man moved with faith and purpose, the way the best of us do, and demonstrated with each sure step both the respect and the cool lack of intimidation Wisconsinites feel for the weather.

So far, it’s been a doozy of a winter in this neck of the woods and yesterday Mother Nature served up a particularly challenging combination of snow, then ice, then snow, then sleet, then snow, then, the cherry on the top, the wind. I call it a polar parfait and, while it kept some sensible people indoors — that’s the respect part — it offered an opportunity for other people to rise to its challenge.

I saw heroes everywhere and here are a few:

The snow plow drivers who work crazy hours during storms and faced a particularly hard challenge staying ahead of yesterday’s blast.

Police officers, firefighters and emergency responders who never get a snow day.

The charming people who keep the rain dance sculpture children outfitted in cheerful knitwear.

The Taperz Barbers who worked all day and well past closing, dispensing sincere advice and excellent haircuts while the weather swirled outside.

The Boys and Girls Club, which stayed open all day even though all area schools were closed. I really can’t over state how valuable that club is to this community.

My co-workers, who cheerfully made their way through slush and ice, just like they did through last week’s polar vortex.

Our friend Jill, who walks to work early every morning, and our friend John, who bikes to work every day, no matter what the weather. They just pile on the gear and go.

Every patient dog walker who gets his or her pets outside for a little fresh air and relief all through this wicked winter.

I know as soon as I post this, I’ll think of 100 other every day heroes, so please feel free to add your own in the comments below.

At first, when I saw this man making his way through the snow, I was going to offer him a ride. But I quickly realized he didn’t need any help at all. In fact, he moved so swiftly I didn’t get a chance to chat with him, So, I feel a little weird about posting this picture but, since his face isn’t showing, I decided it was okay.
Every year some kind soul outfits the rain dance sculpture kids with knitwear and every year no one steals the knit wear, so hats off to everyone for this display of community warmth.
Some day, I’d like to write a blog about Taperz, an old school barber shop with some very talented barbers.
Someone wrote a message in the window frost at the YMCA parking lot and I think it summed up the Polar Parfait pretty nicely. Stay safe and warm everyone.

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