It was His Honor to carry the flag

Judge John DesJardins called it “the greatest anthem of them all,” when he played La Marseillaise, the French National Anthem, on his cellphone yesterday afternoon as he and Judge Vince Biskupic marched around the courthouse.

Vince, wearing his robe and carrying the French Flag, may have begged to differ, but he honored the bet they’d made ahead of the World Cup Finals last week.

A gracious winner, John brought chocolate eclairs to the courthouse to celebrate France’s big win.

Though he hadn’t consulted his wife when he made the bet, Vince brought in Croatian pastries, or as close as I could get, that I’d baked the night before.

Really, everyone was a winner, including Croatia, which welcomed back its heroes with a huge parade and a big party. The World Cup introduced many people to the tiny but beautiful coastal country and we’re all hoping people head on over to visit.

Add it to our bucket list. It’s that beautiful.

Meanwhile, back at the courthouse, Vince snuck his Croatian scarf over his robe and completed his lap.

We’ll get ’em, next time!

(Go Croatia!)

Judge DesJardins, in a snappy chapeau, and Judge Biskupic, wearing robes and a rogue Croatian scarf, finished what they’d started ahead of the World Cup Final last Sunday. They marched around the courthouse. John considerately played the French National Anthem to help them keep a beat.
It was a little bit of a humbling experience, but we’ll see France in 2022, am I right?
I made these walnut bars, which were much richer (and much easier. Shhhh!) than the traditional walnut rolls.

You can find a little something about what the Croatian soccer team means to its country here. It’s a great video and I hope you’ll watch it. “Croatia qualified by their courage.”

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