Right back atcha, Minnesota!

I like to think of Wisconsin as the High Five State, perched as it is in the center of the Midwest, with its little Door County thumb perpetually extended in a happy greeting.

This weekend, our friendly neighbor to the west, high-fived us right back with a spectacular weekend we’ll be treasuring for some time.

During one day alone, we enjoyed a kayak ride through Lake of the Isle that was so pretty I’m saving it for a separate post. We tasted fresh milled flour in homemade strawberry rhubarb bread at the Saturday Farmer’s Market; gave a standing ovation to an excellent production of West Side Story at the gorgeous Guthrie Theatre; saw a spectacular fireworks display over the Mississippi River as part of the city’s Auquatennial Celebration; and caught a trio of South African folk singers and a talented South African Dance Troupe as part of “Music for Mandela,” the July Sommerfest celebration at Orchestra Hall.


Sunday morning we headed down to mass at the Basilica of Saint Mary, the  first basilica in the country, hilariously followed by Bloody Marys at Hell’s Kitchen (Saucy slogan: Our Food is damn good), a swing dance brunch Aster’s, and a group bike ride along the river to Minnehaha Park.

I’ll say this for you, Minnesota: You know how to host a summer party!

Best of all, as always, were the people with whom we got to celebrate a perfect summer weekend — Vince, me, our son Vinnie, his girlfriend Danni, her mom Deanna, dad Jeff and brother Luke.

Thanks for the 10,000 smiles, Minnesota. We’re high fiving right back atcha.

Our first stop Saturday morning was the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market, where I learned all about the fascinating flour mill history, and then reasonably purchased a loaf of strawberry rhubarb bread…
…and then unreasonably purchased a bacon beer brat, which, even though I shared it with three other people, was a little rich for my blood. Lots of great food at the market though!
I shot this outside the Guthrie Theatre, before an excellent production of West Side Story. I thought the cloud reflection made a cool frame for the river view.
Vinnie had to work (though he did catch the second half of the show), but the rest of us had a great time exploring the Guthrie.
The Guthrie is just so cool. We shot the previous picture on the edge of this cantilevered platform called The Bridge.
And then we all saw some spectacular fire works.
Really, one of the most impressive fireworks displays I’ve ever seen!
Vinnie and Danni generously guided me through Hells Kitchen’s amazing Bloody Mary bar (It runs the whole length of that room!) after Vince and I attended mass at the Basilica of Saint Mary. Seemed like a good post-mass choice, am I right?
I took this shot just before we started off on our post-brunch bike ride.
We rode to Minnehaha Falls, which was well worth the trip!
A Minnehaha Falls selfie aimed strategically to hide how much I sweated through that bike ride!



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  1. Awesome pictorial of Vaca in Minnesota. Thank you Laura, it was very educational as well as visually exciting !!!!

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