Carpe seize ’em

If spring in Wisconsin teaches us anything, it’s to seize the sunny days.

We’re good at that here. Like daffodils, we rise through the snow and turn our faces toward the light.

We shrug off approaching storm clouds and dance, push strollers through puddles, bounce basketballs off muddy pavement and, when the rain washes away our chalk art, we draw it again.

We’re sunshine’s biggest fans and we salute the smallest ray.

“Such a beautiful day,” we’ll say around the office on a day that would send anyone south of the Mason-Dixon line scurrying for their thermal long johns..

The rivers are running high here, and snow piles linger stubbornly on obscure corners of the parking lots.

Still, spring is in the air and, even in the face of approaching storm clouds, it feels so good.

Someone upped the ante on the chalk art. Crazy good, right?
I feel like Bert and Mary Poppins are going to come dancing out of this chalk drawing — even though it’s a barn and a silo. Wisconsin chalk art. I love it.
Just some Wisconsin kids, sitting around a street corner on a glorious spring day. I saw these guys outside a brat fry in Bonduel and asked if I could take their picture. I love the hot dog suit…and the grins.
It’s a rock concert…get it?
I like how this little budding tree is standing up tall, and surrounded by a phalanx of daffodils.
Spring water runs swift.
Sure it’s a little flooded now, but the grass is green and the picnic tables are out and there will be merriment and sweet summer soirees soon.
A reflection of spring.
Wisconsin maritime trails…and a bunch of kayaks ready for some takers.
I posted this on my Instagram account and received a little lesson in horticulture. So, it’s not a violet, but it is a beautiful flower growing in an unlikely place and I think that’s pretty cool.
And, speaking of pretty cool, my miner’s garlic is looking pretty darn healthy! This picture is for you, Nick Asashon!

I took a walk last night, listening to sounds of spring, and heard this. It’s always a beautiful day in the old neighborhood, especially when your neighborhood includes the Lawrence University Music Conservatory.


5 thoughts on “Carpe seize ’em

  1. I’m proud of you kiddo. I told you had a green thumb. Now all you have to do is add a little water and a lot of love until fall. But enjoy spring and summer first. Your coal miner pap would proud. NICK

    1. Thank you. We’re having a little trouble maintaining a comfortable 70 degrees here. I don’t think I’d mind a little 93 and some sun!

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