Finding Fall

Sometimes, Fall kicks open the front door of Wisconsin and announces itself boldly. “I’m here and, baby, I’m gorgeous.”

Other years, it sneaks through the back hallway and whispers quietly behind a half-filled dance card. “I’m here and I’m just going to rest on this bench a while and wait for you to notice me.”

The latter came this year and my friend Catherine and I spent a little time coaxing it out of its shell. We wandered river banks,  scanned unseasonably sunny skies and enjoyed a trek through the woods.

We treaded gently on Fall’s tender paths, and tamped down any talk of previous years’ glory. We complimented golden leaves and watched birch trees stretch a little taller. We pointed out autumnal reflections in clear rivers, and saw red maple leaves blush.

Eventually, Fall stepped out, curtseyed low under a sweet, sinking sunset, and gave us a twirl.

We raised our lenses and applauded the show.

I thought these red and yellow leaves formed a natural frame when I spotted them one sunny afternoon.
They looked even cooler from the other side.
Sometimes, you have to sit a spell to take in all of autumn’s beauty.
I thought these trees represented all four seasons in a single frame.
Mirror mirror in the fall, whose the prettiest season of them all.
My friend Catherine and I went looking for fall.
We found it on this gorgeous river.
Catherine’s a professional photographer. I’m looking forward to seeing Fall through her lens.
We followed the light into the woods.

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