Fair weather friends

The best kind of fair weather friends are the ones who will tailgate with you in the rain. They’ll rock borrowed camo ponchos and raise wet solo cups. They’ll stand cheerfully under dripping tents. They’ll layer up.

The best kind of fair weather friends make you smile and bake you pumpkin bread so you have fun on a soggy day at Lambeau Field even when your team stumbles in a maddening way.

Despite the weather, and the dreary Packer loss, we had a great time yesterday with our regular tailgate crew, our college friends, drop-in friends and family.

There’s still time to turn this season around and, meanwhile, there’s friendship to toast and laughter (and the most delicious pumpkin bread) to share.

We’ve got this, Packer fans. We’ll see you after the bye.

Go Pack Go!

My best fair weather friend ended up with wet feet, but we still had fun.
My BRIGHT YELLOW rain gear nearly eclipsed my poor sister Kathy, pictured here with me, my Mom, and our friends Dave Robinson and Joe Gallagher.
Fair weather friends and family hanging out in our tailgate tent made the day seem far less dreary than the forecast would indicate.
My sister and I twinsied ourselves in honor of the Packer salute to the Ice Bowl.
We’ve been all-weather friends since college.
The game’s theme put its result in perspective. Here’s a too-close shot of me holding my cancer banner in honor of my sister Kathy. Go Pack Go! Go Kathy Go!

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