Our “Mexit” Party

The Biskupic family “Mexit” celebration mirrored Molly’s entrance into this old world.

Both happened on a steamy summer day, both involved the sweet support of family and friends, and both concluded with Molly’s relieved parents high-fiving and saying, “Well, thank God that went well.”

As they have through every important stage of her life, Molly’s siblings rallied for her high school graduation party. Charlie flew in from New York and spent the morning of the party lugging corn on the cob, configuring makeshift air conditioning units, and setting up tables and chairs.

Katherine and Cousin Lizzy drove up from Chicago with homemade baked goods and impressive kale salad making chops.

Vinnie and his girlfriend Danni drove in from Minneapolis, ran errands and headed up the take down crew.

Our friend Keith spent the whole day with us, designing the grilled corn station and manning our shared La Caja China, a grill box that deserves its own post some day.

Unsolicited, our next-door neighbors brought over really comfortable tables and chairs.

From George Arthur, our 11-week old neighbor, to Nai Chang, our 94-year old friend who still plays golf twice a week, the party turned out to be a celebration of gratitude for all the cool people we’ve all been lucky enough to know.

There was beloved family, who set aside busy lives and drove north for the celebration.

And neighbors.

And the elegant Wilmots, who first met Molly when she was a pre-school tag-a-long to Franklin Grade School.

And our theatre parent friends, some of the best people we know.

And my college roommate and her family.

And Connie the Cookie Lady.

And our octogenarian, ballroom dancing friend Janet.

And my grade school friend Carol, who lives down the street.

And Molly’s friends.

And their parents.

If I had a vote, of course I’d have voted against a Mexit…and a Vexit…and a Kexit…and a Chexit.

But, life moves on and, when it does, aren’t we all thrilled to sit back on a summer afternoon and recognize the cool support our fleeing chicks draft behind as they take those first tender steps?

Connie the Cookie Lady joined us.
And our 11-week neighbor George Arthur.
Mexit Mollys Grad Party 002
We celebrated Croatia’s independence and Molly’s independence with cookies.
Mexit Mollys Grad Party 003
Molly made a sheet pie.
Mexit Mollys Grad Party 004
Lizzy brought a delicious blackberry butter cake.
Mexit Mollys Grad Party 005
Molly whipped up a giant batch of watermelon lemonade.
Mexit Mollys Grad Party 007
La Caja China deserves its own post.
Mexit Mollys Grad Party 013
Photo credit to Catherine McKenzie for this next series of us jumping off the porch…
Mexit Mollys Grad Party 014
Vinnie got air…
Mexit Mollys Grad Party 015
But it also took him a little longer to land.
Mexit Mollys Grad Party 016
Mexit Mollys Grad Party 021
Representatives of the Biskupic family!
Connie the Cookie Lady exits into the sunset.

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  1. Gratitude everyday … Thanks for the lovely stories that always warms my heart.

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