Take me out to a ball game

Summer sounds like baseball. The happy murmur of settling fans, the crack of the bat, the thunk of the ball in a thick leather mitt, the rhythmic clap of the universal cheers.

“Peanuts! Popcorn! Cotton Candy!”

We spent Monday night at the Timber Rattlers Stadium, along with our 94-year old friend Nai Chang and his young pal and neighbor, 84-year old Ralph Rohde.

Widowers both, the two gentlemen settled in with a cold beer in one hand, and a program in the other, chatting easily and enjoying the show.

They watched the baseball game too.

That’s the thing about minor league baseball. There’s honest drama on the field, 18 athletes fighting hard for a spot in the major leagues.

But, there’s plenty to see outside the diamond as well.

We saw the bat slip out of a players hand and fly dangerously into the stands. A young mother calmly reached up and caught the bat with her right hand, while shielding her small son with her left. For her efforts, she received a standing ovation from the stands and a commemorative bat from the Timber Rattlers stadium crew. It may have been the play of the evening.

With brat mobiles, human bowling balls, and plenty of wandering cartoon characters, Timber Rattler games have a little something for everyone.

Scoring it all is the cheerful pipe organ and familiar playlist.

“Sweet Caroline. Good time never seemed so good.”

Treat yourself to a summer ballgame, and maybe shut your phone off when you get there. Sit back, relax and let the sounds of summer take you back.

Nai and Ralph
Nai Chang is 94-years old and still plays golf twice a week. His young friend Ralph is only 84. They both enjoyed the evening at the ballpark. Baseball keeps you young.
Timber Rattler stadium
It was a touch chilly and overcast, but, still, a perfect evening for baseball.
National Anthem
Young players join the pros for the National Anthem.
5050 raffle
Where else but a baseball game do people walk around with wads of cash in their hands, offering you the chance to take home half of it?
Molly and I are not big fans of Whiffer. He seems a little oblivious, as this photo indicates. Turn around, big fella! Big play happening behind you! 
Fang and me
But you can’t go to a T-Rats game an not get your picture taken with Fang, am I right?


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