On yard signs and candidates we deserve

We placed the only yard sign we plan to display during this contentious political season.

It reads “You are beautiful.”

Because you are.

You are busy and impatient sometimes, and maybe you roll through the stop sign in front of our house. You work hard and occasionally snack too much.

You don’t always remember to call your mom but, when you do, you’re grateful for the opportunity to hear her voice.

You rise when the alarm on your silenced cell phone rings, you shovel snow, and haul your garbage cans to the curb even when you all you really want to do is roll over and sleep until noon.

You lose your temper every now and then.

You smile at cute kids in the grocery store, and thank the clerk that checks you out.

You pay your bills as soon as you can.

Oh sure, you’ve tripped a time or two, but you picked yourself up, checked your laces, and kept on moving.

You are beautiful

You really are.

And that’s what you deserve from the people who vow to represent you

You are beautiful, America.

We hope you remember that.

You are beautiful yard sign

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