March Madness!

What is March Madness, anyway?

Is it the humiliation a college basketball fan feels when she steals herself to cheer for her team’s invitation to play in the lowly NIT and then discovers her team wasn’t asked to attend any party at all?

Is it the desperate craving for midseason entertainment that inspires sophisticated Chicagoans to flock to an otherwise insignificant river to watch it turn green?

Is it the completely understandable Shakespearean warning that poor Julius Caesar took a little too lightly 2060 years ago?

Is it the schizophrenic weather?

Is it the cruel taunt of daylight savings time, which lures pale, squinting Midwesterners out to peer at the early evening sun, “the light! the light!’, and be tricked, once again, into believing that spring has arrived.

Is it beer? The green beer?

Our favorite and very clever comediennes, Pure and Weary, addressed this question in their very funny piece, March Madness.

Give it a look-see. I’ll guarantee you mirth and laughter.

It may even help you forget that your once glorious college basketball team, the one that made it all the way to the Elite Eight just a couple of years ago, did not even merit a single post-season invitation this year.

Get those sadly MU-less brackets in quickly!

And then console yourself with this funny sketch:


March(ung) Madness
March(ing) Madness. “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.” I mean, we’re working hard to fend off the wrinkles but mirth and laughter? We’re all in.

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