Hey you! You are beautiful!

We saw the sign as we hurtled down Chicago’s Lakeshore Drive, a little bit late and a little bit lost.

“You are beautiful”

“Stop the car!” I said to my sister who, thankfully, ignored me as she threaded her way through eight-lane rush hour traffic. “Did you see that sign?”

“You are beautiful”

Fifteen-feet tall and rising out of nowhere, it made all of us smile.

Turns out, the campaign is designed to do just that. Chicago artist Matthew Hoffman printed 100 simple stickers in 2002, which led to giant murals, public exhibitions and more than a million stickers, translated into over 30 languages, all over the world.

I ordered stickers and a few T-shirts from Hoffman’s site. Then, yesterday, I jumped in and tooled around town, spreading the beautiful vibe.

I love the message these simple signs represent and, in a society whose messages regarding beauty remain contradictory at best, I don’t think we can stress it enough. You are beautiful, not because you’re tall, or thin, or young, or strong. Not because you play an instrument or a sport, not because you’re athletic, artistic, intelligent, petite, fashionable or cool. Not because you paint, or write, tweet or post, act or sing.

You are beautiful because you are.

Beautiful baby
I saw this beautiful baby and his mother at last night’s All City Strings Festival and they cheerfully agreed to participate.
Beautiful books
I left this sign at the Appleton Public Library. Books are beautiful too.
Beautiful boys
I don’t know these guys at all but they let me take their picture and now we’re likethis. Beautiful.
Beautiful bus stop
I thought it would be cool to leave a message at the bus stop for riders on a cold, breezy day.
Beautiful church
God knows you are beautiful.
Beautiful Connie
My 87-year old neighbor Connie is feisty, festive and beautiful.
Beautiful co-workers
These are two of my beautiful co-workers.
Beautiful Girl
I met this beautiful woman at an Asian Grocery Store. The sign she is holding says “You Are Beautiful” in Hmong as well…I think.
Beautiful Jean
My friend Jean, mother of three beautiful children, graciously agreed to help me spread the word.
Beautiful Lexi
Molly’s beautiful friend Lexi pitched in as well.
Beautiful M&M
Peanut M&Ms? Beautiful.
Beautiful Meters
I left this sign for downtown drivers.
Beautiful PAC
821 strings players made beautiful music at the All City Strings Festival last night.
Beautiful Police Clerk
Popped into the police station for some help with my project and this friendly clerk agreed to pose. Beautiful!
Beautiful retirement community
I thought residents of this retirement community should know that they are beautiful too.
Beautiful School
Left a note for the students at Appleton Central
Beautiful trainer
Al was kind enough to let me take his picture, though he’s naturally camera-shy.
Beautiful Wade
Proud father of two beautiful girls, Wayde helped me out as well.

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