Beware the I’ds of March

Spring popped in for a visit Monday and we all twitched our noses like chipmunks and felt a little hitch in our step.

I’d like to take a walk when we get home,” I said to my husband when we met at the very last parent teacher conferences in a 26-year year span. But, we lingered longer at the high school than we’d anticipated, and then I remembered I needed to bake 38 fruit crumbles and, before we knew it, Monday ended and neither one of us had a chance to breath in its fresh goodness.

I’d better get the car washed,” I told Molly, because the poor thing (the Bug, not the girl) was looking sticky and unkempt. But, Molly needed to borrow the car and she reasoned that it was supposed to rain tomorrow anyway, so I looked away from those sad, salty headlights and forced her (the Bug, not the girl) to fight through another day week who knows when I’ll get the urge to wash that sweet, loyal thing again?

I’d rather be running,” I said to myself, just now, as I sat at my dining room table sipping tea and contemplating my day. But I also wanted to figure out my to-do list, finish this post, and, honestly, enjoy a quiet moment before all the hustle begins. So I lingered.

On Monday, my friend Shannon posted a Maya Angelou quote that struck a nerve. “This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.”

It seems like days roll faster as they get longer and we hurtle on toward summer. I have no solution for the phenomenon, only the observation that the older we get, the faster time marches.

Beware the I’ds of March, they’ll leave you with unnecessary regrets and who needs those cluttering up their lives?

So, today, I’m going to settle on a movie date with my friends, call my mother in-law, send a couple of overdue thank you notes and right now, this very second, I’m going for my first outdoor run in a very long time.

Woo hoo!

It’s been incredibly busy around here and I haven’t had time to play with my camera. Fortunately, my talented friend Deb Cook has taken some beautiful I’ds of March photos (which may or may not have been shot in February), and she generously agreed to share them with you.


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