The Magic Strings of Freddie Presto

In our house, we love music. We are shower singers, kitchen dancers, and piano plunkers. Right now, in our living room, there are 13 instruments, ranging from a piano to a didgeridoo, and at one time someone in this house has played them all.
Still, to a person, we understand that we are music’s wingmen, not its soulmate. We play music; we’ve never been inclined to tear apart a piece and work it, measure by measure, until we’ve nailed it down. We appreciate the gift of music in our lives, but we are not its most gifted players.
Still, I found Mitch Albom’s latest book, The Magic Strings of Freddie Presto, fascinating.
Music narrates the book and tells the colorful story of Freddie Presto, “the greatest guitar player to ever walk the earth.”
While it may seem audacious for any mortal to speak for music, Albom, a proud member of the Rock Bottom Remainders, does it with humility and respect.
His passion may be music, but Albom’s gift is in the written word and he infuses his unlikely narrator with authenticity. Music always has been one of life’s greatest story tellers. Albom’s innovative book makes that clear.
I read The Magic Strings of Freddie Presto straight through and it lingers still, in the back of my mind, when I think about how deeply the gift of music can penetrate (and occasionally torture) some of the best people I know.
I highly recommend this book, for musicians, story lovers and people looking for a worthwhile distraction.

Random family photos 2008 (including first day of school) 002
Both my boys played the baritone, based mostly on the their ability to carry the instrument.
Katherine's birthday and HRB 012
I like my living room best when it is filled with people playing instruments.
Katherine's birthday and HRB 016
Here’s a young Molly and her cello.
The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto
I just think it’s a cool book

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  1. I just bought this book for our library. You’ve inspired me bring it home to read this weekend. I read Albom’s The Five People You Meet in Heaven in one sitting.

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