‘Twas 12 days before Christmas

‘Twas 12 days before Christmas, and all through the state

The weather was failing at a miserable rate.

The ground was just soggy, no snow to be had,

the garland left sagging, red ribbons looked sad.

At Lambeau the grounds crew rose early again

to ready the field for more cursed rain.

Wet fans at their tailgates, wore slickers and boots

and worried receivers would mess up their routes.

Round sizzling grills arose common chatter

Hope Lacy is ready, the run game will matter.

Away to the stadium, they waited in line

in hopes that this home game, their team would be fine.

When what to their wondering eyes should appear

but a coach named McCarthy, to a wet-mittened cheer.

With clipboard in plastic, headphones on his cap

He pumped up the offense, gave shoulders a slap

Now Rodgers! Now Linsley! Now Sitton and Cobb!

On Adams! Bulaga! Now Don, do your job!

To the top of the league! To the top of them all!

I’m here with the plays, today I’ll make the calls.

His eyes how they twinkled, he said, “Take your marks.”

Then set off the run game with Eddie and Starks.

And laying a finger aside of his nose,

he turned to the defense. To the challenge they rose.

Clay sprang to Matt Cassel and, shaking hair back,

he racked up five tackles and one mighty sack.

Sam Shields grabbed a pick before taking a shot.

And Micah roamed freely. He covered a lot.

They did this in spite of the ref’s constant whistle

Eight penalties stung like the down of a thistle.

But I heard them explain as they left ole Lambeau.

We’re back where we should be. Woo hoo! Go Pack Go!

slick tailgate set up
We’ve had plenty of experience tailgating in the rain and our gurus have it down! This is the view from inside our host, Gregg Graycerak’s, tent. It was really quite comfortable.
Tent city
Everyone had a nice roof for the pre-game festivities.
Palm tree gang
These guys passed our tailgate on the way into the stadium.
Palm tree remnants
Poor guys. Later, when I went through security, I saw that their fun costumes had not.
The rockets red glare
The clouds trap the smoke from the rockets red glare during rainy games.
View from our seats
But it cleared up quickly and this was our view, book-ended by a couple of cheeseheads.
No. 1 Packer fan
This picture cracks me up. Mr. No. 1 fan was a very enthusiastic resident of row 1. The lady looking scared by his enthusiasm sat in row two. Midway through the game they became the best of friends. Go Pack Go!
My seatmate for the past 20 years or so, and my sister for even longer than that. Although that’s a classic Packer shirt over her rain gear, Kathy accidentally wore Dallas colors  Rookie mistake.

8 thoughts on “‘Twas 12 days before Christmas

  1. I’m watching a new show on Bravo, called Then and Now, and they’re discussing the OJ Simpson verdict in ’94, which reminded me that I was sitting in my 7th grade computer class at Audubon Middle School, taught by “Ms. Kostelnik,” when my math/English teacher, Mr. Finley, came in to deliver the big “not guilty.” Witnessing the exchange made me feel so adult, and remembering it reminded me that Ms. Kostelnik and Mr. Finley were both really inspiring teachers 🙂 I found your blog in trying to look her up, and it’s adorable! All the best from a former Kostelnik student, Jill (Lazzaro) Gueller!!

  2. Wow Jill! Of course we both remember you! It’s so funny because I saw that same show and I have that same memory. I absolutely remember Keith coming in to tell me the verdict. How funny that you found me through this blog. Thank you for your kind words – Keith and I both remember what a sweet student you were. It was a pleasure to have you in class.

    1. Thanks so much for relaying my anecdote, Molly B 🙂

      The funny thing is: I almost put something in my comment about how I wondered if the two of you liked each other, in that moment! As I was reading your comment, I thought, “That’s sweet that they’re still in contact!” -and then I noticed the name – congratulations 🙂

      I used to be FB friends with Mr. Finley and Ms. Moss connected with a couple of years ago. I wish I could say I’m the editor at Vogue or something exciting to give you a fun teacher-story, but I stay home right now with my four kids, aged 5 and under 🙂 I hope all is well with you Finleys!!

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