My favorite Christmas video

Around this time of year, I like to haul out my favorite Christmas video. Full of warmth, humor, suspense, and enduring holiday cheer, it speaks to the true meaning of Christmas.

Its runtime? 1.23 minutes.

I enjoy it because, like most of my life’s best things, it wasn’t planned. An elf shot it after my three-year old son Vinnie and I strolled over to tell Santa hello.

I bought it then because it captured the extraordinary beauty of an ordinary day, and the perfect suitability of a three-year old as ambassador to Christmas.

We’d walked downtown that day, his mittened right hand wrapped around my left pointer finger. He wore the Wisconsin mandated uniform for small children, Oshkosh B’gosh overalls and a warm hooded coat. We cut through the Avenue Mall on our way home and spotted Santa there.

Later, we’d go grocery shopping and I’d curse the wily marketers who armed each store with child sized carts that accidentally rammed unsuspecting ankles at inopportune times. We’d read a story or two, listen for train whistles, and he’d take a little snooze while we waited for his older brother and sister to come home from school.

He’d tell them all about his chat with Santa, how he’d put in a good word for each of them and scored a candy cane. He’d tell the story again for his father that night and he’d wonder a little, as he lay on the bottom bunk bed in the room he shared with his older brother, whether Santa’s elves were working on his Thomas the Tank Engine train set at that very moment.

Both Christmas magic and three-year olds thrive on innocence and faith. They hit their peak during these dark days of December, when you’re too tired to write clever things in your Christmas cards and your kitchen smells of popcorn you burnt last night. If you can’t find a three-year old to help you wonder if Santa’s boots will crack the clay tiles on your roof (though actual three-year olds are the very best pre-Christmas companions), just take a few minutes to think like one.

In the meantime, please enjoy this video on the 20th anniversary of its release.

Happy birthday Vinnie. We’re grateful for every ordinary day you made extraordinary.

Merry Christmas.

In honor of Vinnie’s 23rd (what??) birthday today I’m including a picture or two…

When Vinnie was born
Vinnie smooshed up in love on his very first day.
Vince and Vinnie
My two Vinnies. I love this picture I snapped this summer on the porch of our cabin.
Vinnie and his globe trotting Grandma on the Orient Express in Peru. They’re paused here between dances with a mariachi band.
Cute Vinnie
Come on, how sweet is this kid?
Baby Vinnie and Grandma Mary Jane
Newborn Vinnie and his Grandma Mary Jane.
Vinnie Charlie Katherine and Molly in the big bed
They’re goofy but we love them.
Vinnie and Grandpa Vince
Vinnie and his namesake Grandpa Vince.
Vinnie and dominoes
Want to find your Christmas spirit? Hang out with a small child, build a castle out of dominoes, listen for train whistles, read How the Grinch Stole Christmas so often you both have it memorized, and wonder if Santa likes his elves. Maybe even ask the Big Guy yourself. There’s time, during these crazy days, to find moments of childlike faith and Christmas joy.

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  1. Laura: so sweet! I want to following this column. Makes me smile!
    I have to read about the neighborhood cookie lady. That’s what they call me!

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