To everything there is an almost season

Mother Nature has been very, very kind to Wisconsin this year which, frankly, makes us a little suspicious of her plans for the coming months.

Our storm windows stand stacked and ready in the corner of garage, but we’re not putting them up any time soon. We encourage fresh air to blow through our house for as long as we can.

Soft flannel hangs in our closet, right next to the sundresses and cotton capris. It’s a long walk downstairs for the woolen sweaters and boots. We’re not quite ready to make that hike.

Chalk art drawings in front of the house down the street have taken on an autumnal tone as Jack O’Lanterns replace hopscotch and flowers. Still, our tiny neighborhood artists are still at work with fat hunks of chalk on sidewalks clear of snow.

Sunday night, like everyone else, we stood on our driveway and took fuzzy pictures of the sky. As the blood moon emerged from the eclipse, we held our breath and wondered — herald or harbinger?

Fog rose from the football field the morning after, and a glorious sunrise fought its way though. I grabbed a camera for my morning run, pausing here and there as I loped along.

We’re caught ‘twixt seasons, an unsettling, stick a licked finger in the wind state of mind. Darkness creeps in from both ends of the day.

It’s a carpe diem time of year, full of frost and hope.

Kathy shooting the sunset 3
I took this shot of my sister Kathy shooting a beautiful sunset over Lake Winnebago Friday night. You can see the sunset in her phone. #unfiltered.
Sunset over the swiming pool
Here’s another unfiltered shot of the same sunset from a different angle and with a different camera. I think the silhouette of the covered swimming pool captures the melancholy beauty of the season.
Not. Quite. Color. Season. I took this with my cellphone on my morning run.
High fiving sun flowers
I think these sunflowers look like race volunteers reaching out to high-five runners as they pass. I also think they represent the almost-season beautifully.
sidewalk jackolantern
They’re drawing pumpkins now, but at least our neighborhood artists still make chalk drawings. Soon enough those sidewalks will be covered in ice.
I didn’t stop to smell it, but I did pause a little to photograph this lone rose Saturday morning.
Scarecrows just sort of stand around watching fat geese train this time of year.
Seasonal flowers
A lovely arrangement of ‘twixt-season flowers and I forgot to reset my cellphone when I took it, so they’re framed in the same filter as the tree.
heart flowers
Summer flowers, an iron heart, and a couple of fall leaves.
Fog on the football field
The sunrise fought through the fog on the football field next to our house. Thankfully, it’s football season too.

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