A Hall of Fame reunion

Thanks to the generosity and history-making success of the classiest professional sports organization we know, we’re in the middle of a glorious, 10-day hobnob.

The Packers invited Hall of Fame inductees, and members of the first Super Bowl team, to a reunion this week and, because that’s the way they roll, they’ve included wives of the deceased players.

My sister Kathy and I are sharing plus one duties as my mom catches up with friends she and my dad made during the Glory Years, and maintained through the 50 years since.

We found Ruth Pitts in the hotel parking lot, cheerfully overseeing the repair of a car she rented when her flight to Chicago was delayed. In looks, personality and ability to navigate life, Ruth has not changed at all since she and my mom were rookie wives together in 1961.

Marv Fleming, owner of five Super Bowl rings, also has not changed much since his playing days. We go way back as he used to drive me to nursery school when we all lived in Green Bay. He also rented our house during the season my dad played for the Baltimore Colts.

Kathy and I both enjoy our roles as picture taker and fashion choice assurer at these occasions,  and neither one of us takes for granted the super cool moments we get to experience as such.

I chatted for a while with Barbara and Forrest Gregg and thought, as one of the greatest athletes to ever play football gamely leaned in to take a selfie with me, how much my dad would have loved this.

Tonight my mom and I will attend a private tour of the Packer Hall of Fame, Saturday night Kathy and my mom will enjoy a gala reception in honor of the first Super Bowl team, and Monday I will accompany my mom to a tailgate party and the game.

Consider this a big ole thank you from all of us to the Packer organization and to the talented men who inspired these celebrations.

Go Pack Go!

Mom and Ruth Pitts
My mom and Ruth Pitts were rookie wives together. You can’t tell from the grin on her face, but we caught Ruth in the parking lot overseeing the repair of her rental car, a situation she found hilarious and not stressful at all. I really think the world would benefit from a few more people like Ruth Pitts.
Dave, Marv and Mom
This picture cracks me up. This is my tiny mother with her friends Dave Robinson and Marv Fleming.
Grabowski, Taylor and Brockington
At these events you can wander around and then suddenly find yourself in front of three of the greatest running backs in Packer history. This is Jim Grabowski, Jimmy Taylor and John Brockington.
Gregg, Taylor,
Forrest Gregg, Jim Taylor and Dan Currie chatting it up.
Mom and Doug Hart
My mom and our family’s friend Doug Hart.
Mom and Kabeer
My mom and my friend Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, a Hall of Fame inductee.
A few of the ladies of the Lombardi era — Ruth Pitts, Vicki Aldridge, Gwen Jeter, my mom and M. E. Bratkowski.
I told my mom and Vicki Aldridge Nelson that I was going to show off their great gams and here they are!
Mom, Barbara and Forrest
Barbara Gregg, my mom and Forrest. I really enjoyed hanging out with them.
Mom, Joe, Vicki and Willie
This picture also cracks me up. This is my mom, Joe Nelson, Vicki Aldridge Nelson and Willie Davis.
I love this picture of Willie and his bling.
I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see Willie Davis stand up and wave to the crowd during the alumni introductions.
Mr. Gregg and me
Just me and my friend Forrest, hanging around and taking selfies.
Kathy and the Loftons
We met some new friends too. This is Kathy with Daniel and Beverly Lofton.

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