12 reasons we love this pope

We’re excited to welcome Pope Francis to the United States. It didn’t take us long to compile this list. We’d enjoy hearing any you’d like to add…

  1. He took his name from Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and author of that famous, beautiful and eponymous prayer.
  2. He is humble but firm in his beliefs.
  3. He seems genuinely happy to enjoy the social aspects of being a priest.
  4. He prefers to walk and so he does.
  5. He loves the Tango.
  6. He sings Broadway show tunes.
  7. He once worked as a bouncer.
  8. He speaks seven languages. More importantly, he has something to say.
  9. This beautiful quote “I don’t read the Bible, I listen to it.”
  10. He’s not into clothes.
  11. He is the first pope from the Americas
  12. Molly’s fourth grade teacher once described religion as this, “We’re all in the same church, we’re just looking through different windows.” It seems Pope Francis supports this vision and he has become a champion of interfaith dialogue. We think this kind of empathy makes each faith stronger.
The Pope
Our friend Anne snapped this shot of Pope Francis waving from the open window of his little black Fiat on Wednesday in Washington. A frugal man of the people. the Pope zooms around in this little number for both its mileage and its message.

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