Life is a special occasion

The week she turned 89-years old, I caught our neighbor out cutting her grass. She gave me a hearty wave as I snapped a quick cellphone picture.

“Just tidying up!” she yelled.

We call her the Cookie Lady, and we’ve written about her before. Self-described as “Irish, Catholic and Senile,” Connie remains as quick-witted, friendly and flirty as ever.

From her front porch throne she presides over Circle Street, knitting stockings and spinning yarns.

Friday, we surprised her with a birthday cake and, as is her style, she one-upped us with a fresh pizza pie.

Between us, though, we had a great little party.

Flowers from the steadily arriving birthday bouquets filled the kitchen, “They should probably bury me now,” she said cheerfully. “We’ve got enough flowers.”

A gift bag waiting to be filled with frozen hit fudge sundaes for the pizza delivery person sat on Connie’s kitchen counter. It read “Life is a Special Occasion,” which could be Connie’s life motto.

She’s quick with a greeting card, generous with treats, and talented with knitting needles. To date, she has knitted and doled out 1,200 giant personalized Christmas stockings. They hang on hearths throughout Wisconsin, much, I’m sure, to the consternation of  Old St. Nick, who has been tasked with filling them.

What a lovely legacy, though, and how amazing that every year 1,200 people will hang their stockings at Christmas and bless our neighbor, the beautiful Connie Loescher.

Life is a special occasion
This gift bag, which Connie later filled with frozen hot fudge sundaes for the pizza delivery person, could be Connie’s life motto “Life is a Special Occasion!”
Connie cutting the grass
She was out tidying her yard as I walked past on my way to work last week.
Connie on the phone
Connie received at least three birthday greetings and two impromptu guests during our visit. She’s a social butterfly.
Connie knitting
This is Connie the Cookie Lady who has knit 1200 Christmas Stockings.
Chocolate fudge strawberry cake
Dark Chocolate Strawberry Fudge Cake.
Connie Janet and Mom
The party guests included our former neighbor and forever friend Janet, and my mom Peggy.

You really need to see this spunky lady in action to get a full appreciation for her. Here’s a short video that captures a little of that Irish wit…

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