And then the princess threw cheese

We love a good parade in Wisconsin, almost as much as we love a good hunk of cheese, and we enjoyed both a few weeks ago at the Suring Centennial Labor Day Parade.

Really, the Booyah would have been enough, but, in honor of its biggest birthday yet, Suring offered us so much more.

We saw centenarians with twinkly eyes, and babies with chubby cheeks; buggy riding border collies, and horse drawn milk trucks; founders and minions.

Like most small town parades, this one featured its high school football team, but the Suring Parade went one better and also included its 1966-67 high school football team — complete with the Homecoming King and Queen.

Suring residents have good arms and generous buckets of candy, and we spent most of the parade dodging enthusiastically thrown Tootsie Rolls and Twizzlers.

I looked up just in time to see an Oconto County Fair princess firing string cheese from her float. Then a nice man I’d just met offered me a chunk.

We capped our delightful afternoon with a stop at the American Legion Post 283 Booyah Stand for a couple of take-home quarts.

I took so many pictures, I had a hard time weeding them out, so pour yourself a nice cup of tea and enjoy these snap shots of a sweet little piece of Americana.

The Suring Parade the colors
It’s always exciting to see the colors make their way up the street…
The Suring Parade Waving vet
A friendly and very patriotic vet…
The Suring Parade Big Shot
It’s so exciting!
The Suring Parade Father and Daughter
This father/daughter duo sat across the street from us. I could not get over how much they look alike!
The Suring Parade Boarding House
Suring was hopping.
The Suring Parade hauling milk
A horse-drawn milk cart…
The Suring Parade princess
The fair princess reached down and…
The Suring Parade throwing cheese
…fired hunks of string cheese at parade patrons.
The Suring Parade and the Tousey Family
The Tousey family brought its own steam engine…
The Suring Parade Tousey Family operating the steam engine
…complete with its own engineers.
The Suring Parade the Surings from Suring
The Suring family from Suring.
The Suring Parade Minion 1
The Minion was popular…
The Suring Parade Minion 2
I mean, really popular…
The suring parade Minion 3
I mean, that Minion was a real parade stopper.
The Suring Parade pink cowboys boots
I loved her pink cowboy boots.
The Suring Parade representing the hardware store
…and their bow ties…
The Suring Parade riding collie
…and this boy and his dog on their horse/bike.
The Suring Parade Homecoming King and Queen
The Class of 66-67 brought back its Homecoming King and Queen and most of its football team.
The suring parade booyah line
That’s Vince in the Booyah line.
The Suring parade booyah
And that’s the Booyah. A perfect end to a perfect day.


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