A gathering of friends

Our hosts had so much to celebrate Saturday afternoon – Labor Day, a slightly belated birthday, the end of summer, a three-day weekend, good health and happiness  – that they encouraged us to embrace them all without settling on a party theme.

This gave us ample opportunity to scarf down the goodies without the sometimes awkward preamble of candle blowing or toasts.

So we dug in, paying particularly close attention to a strawberry banana trifle so delicious I felt noble when I stopped at just two heaping helpings.

Fat apple and pear trees lined the driveway just begging to be picked, and an energetic group of little people happily obliged. The neighborhood’s founding couple held court, while some of my favorite people enjoyed the afternoon sun.

Granny Thelma looked as youthful and energetic as ever as she shared the swing with her great-great granddaughters Hailee and Laylah. At 86-years old Thelma still fishes a couple of times a week, cooks better than almost anyone, and relishes her role as the center of a giant family.

Like everyone, we live with an increasing appreciation for the fleeting nature of life. Leaves change, children grow and, eventually, your spoon scrapes the bottom of the trifle bowl.

That’s why it’s nice to sit back on a sunny Saturday and soak in the contagious joy inspired by a gathering of friends.

Kathy's party girls on the bench
Oh, come on! Have you ever seen four cuter girls on a swing? No? I thought not.
The Finley Family
Our hosts — the saucy Kathy, the neighborhood hottie Keith, and the other neighborhood hottie, Traveain.
Kathy's Party Jeff and Connie
Connie and Jim built their house in 1951. The little sapling they planted in their backyard now towers over Kathy and Keith’s backyard. It was really fun to get to know them and hear a little bit about the neighborhood history.
Kathy's party
Ruth and Frank live across the street and had some great stories to tell as well.
Kathy's Party Traveain
I told Traveain he would love this picture of his handsome self.
Kathy's party kathy and mom
Our hostess Kathy and our mom, the also youthful Grandma Peggy.
Kathy's party Erin reaches for a high one
Our sweet niece Erin headed the apple and pear picking brigade.
Kathy's party Hailey helps out
Hailee helped.
Kathy's Party Kendall's first apple
And then we got to see Kendall’s very first bite of an apple.
Kathy's party Kendall's first apple take 2
Can you even?! The cuteness factor of this child and her very first apple…I had to post two pictures.
Kathys party Molly and Kendall
Molly made a friend.
Kathy's party Keith and Connie
Keith relaxed with his friend Connie.
Kathy's Party Little Keith arrives
Sunshine and laughter. Keith has been friends with Lonzie, Miguel and Doug for more than 35 years. That’s Keith son Keith jr. in the middle.
Kathy's party Traveain and Grandma Thelma
Traveain and his Granny Thelma. Some day I will write an entire post about this amazing woman.
Kathy's Party Thelma and Kathy
Kathy and the amazing Granny Thelma.
Kathy's party Kathy and me
Our niece Erin shot this picture of Kathy and me. We were a little worried because she’s pretty low to the ground and shooting right at our chins. But she handled herself well.We really loved this party and these people.


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  1. Thanks Laura! We’ll have to do it again soon – Vince needs more time to play with Hailee and Kendall! Plus I need to try Ameera’s trifle recipe!

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